Optical Media Manufacturing, Inc. (OMM Inc.)
a full-service multi-media manufacturing company
OMM Facility

Optical Media Manufacturing, Inc is a full service Media Manufacturing Company specializing in DVD, CD and Blu Ray HD Disc replication and packaging and ALL of the popular Multi-Media formats.

Whether you specialize in content creation, delivering corporate information, publishing, gaming, music, video or software publishing, with over 25 years providing solutions, Optical Media Manufacturing, Inc. is the PERFECT resource! Our support services include: project management, package design, 4-color sheet fed printing, custom assembly and professional fulfillment/distribution. We are a provider of Macrovision ACP and RIP-GUARD copy protection.

Compact Disc
  • CD Duplication
  • CD Replication
  • Business Card CDs & Mini CDs
  • Retail-Ready CD Packages
  • Slim-Line CD Packages
  • CD Cardboard Sleeves
  • CD Cardboard Mailers
  • CD Eco Wallets
  • CD Digipaks
  • Bulk Replicated CDs
  • CD-R Silk Screening
  • DVD Duplication
  • DVD Replication
  • Business Card DVDs & Mini DVDs
  • Retail-Ready DVD Packages
  • Slim-Line DVD Packages
  • DVD Cardboard Sleeves
  • DVD Cardboard Mailers
  • DVD Eco Wallets
  • DVD Digipaks
  • Video to DVD Transfer
  • DVD-R Silk Screening
  • Blu-Ray "one-off" Duplication
  • Blu-Ray Replication
  • Blu-Ray Packaging & Design

Blu-Ray Discs